Advanced Surgery Center

of Palm Beach County

Bringing you Comfort and Care is our Specialty

Our Mission

The mission of Advanced Surgery Center of Palm Beach County (ASC) is to provide a safe, caring and professional experience for patients in our outpatient surgical facility.

Our ASC is a free-standing, physician-owned and operated, modern and state-of-the-art surgical facility. Our patients receive high-quality care in a comfortable environment with a shorter wait and recovery time. Patient fees can average 50% less in an outpatient surgical facility than the same procedure performed in a hospital environment. We are regulated by the same federal and state entitites as inpatient hospital surgical settings.We provide patients a safe procedure at a lower expense.

Patients and their referring physicians appreciate our investment in the newest and sophisticated equipment we use at our ASC that gives our physicians the advantage in finding polyps and removing them before they can negatively impact our patients' lives. Early detection means better outcomes and improved health for our patients.

Our relentless purpose is to improve your health so that we can continue our commitment to your families and our community.

Thank you for choosing us and we will continue to work hard everyday to earn your trust and respect.


Contact Information

  • ASC Location

    Advanced Surgery Center of Palm Beach
    5065 S. State Road 7 Suite 101
    Lake Worth, Florida 33449

  • Center Hours

    Monday – Thursday
    7:00 – 4:00 EST

  • Contact Information

    Phone: 561.273.2340
    Fax: 561.273.2334

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