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Financial Information

As a courtesy to our patients, our business office will submit a claim on behalf of the patient to their insurance company for the facility charges. As a service to our patients, we will call the patient with their estimated fees and responsibility two days prior to the procedure. Patients are expected to pay prior or the day of their procedure. For a personal estimate of fees, please contact the billing department at 561-753-7487. Patients are expected to pay their financial obligations in a timely manner. Patients will receive a statement from other health care providers who will bill separately for their services. This includes professional services from your physician, anesthesia services, and pathology services.

Collection Procedures

Financial Assistance

Patients will be provided with their financial responsibility prior to their procedure date. All copays, coinsurance and deductibles are due before time of service. Advanced Surgery Center accepts all major credit cards and checks. Uninsured and cash pay patients will be required to make payment arrangements prior to the procedure date. Patients may be eligible for a cash pay discount from the facility. Patients who are experiencing financial difficulty may contact our office to discuss financial assistance options by calling 561-273-2340.

Price Transparency

Services may be provided in this healthcare facility by other healthcare providers who may separately bill the patient and who may or may not participate with the same health insurers or health maintenance organizations as the facility. Patients may pay less for services at another location or in another healthcare setting. Please know that the attending physician who scheduled the patient’s procedure at the Facility may or may not be on the medical staff at other such facilities. Patients and prospective patients may request from this facility and other healthcare providers a more personalized estimate of changes and other information. Please see the Meet Our Doctors section for contact information for healthcare providers who will bill separately.

AHCA Pricing Website

The following is a link to the Florida Agency Healthcare Administration pricing website:

Note: The service bundle information is a non-personalized estimate of costs that may be incurred by the patient for anticipated services. Actual costs will be based on services provided to the patient on the date of service.

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